Joshua Miller

Commercial Associate

Josh is a Central PA native and commercial associate at Bennett Williams Commercial. With a background and expertise in marketing, he brings a unique skillset to the real estate industry that allows him to approach each transaction with a fresh perspective.

Prior to joining Bennett Williams, Josh worked as a marketing consultant for both Fortune 500 companies and local business owners. This experience has given him invaluable skills in market analysis, branding, and negotiation that he now applies to his work in commercial real estate.

In addition, Josh has experience as a real estate investor and is particularly interested in assisting with financial analysis for real estate investment properties. Combining his market knowledge with his marketing expertise, Josh helps his clients find the right property solutions to meet their needs.

At Bennett Williams, Josh is dedicated to building lasting relationships with his clients through exceptional results and a well-rounded approach to commercial real estate.

Beyond Work…

In his free time, Josh enjoys playing music, especially drums, guitar and piano. He has a passion for exploring the diverse world of wine and enjoys connecting with his local roots through study of the Pennsylvania Dutch language and culture.