Steve Schmidt

Commercial Associate

Steve started his career in sales and spent nearly 23 years mostly in business development, working for a busy medical practice in suburban Philadelphia. Steve reconnected with his longtime friend, Jeff Herr, who was developing a skilled nursing project in the Philadelphia area. Jeff, who was interested in expanding his business in the Philly region convinced Steve to leave his position in sales and join him in commercial real estate sales and development.

Steve has extensive experience in sales and business relationships. Steve plans to build on the success and work ethic he developed in the medical field to benefit his clients in commercial real estate. He relies on his sales experience and knowledge of the Philly market as he partners with Jeff Herr and Jeff’s son in assisting clients and nurturing new business relationships.

Beyond Work…

Steve is the proud dad of four sons and very happy husband to his wife, Alyse. The family of six enjoy outside activities like hiking and frisbee. Steve and his family enjoy amusement parks, going to the beach and hosting family events.